Is Nanotechnology the Future of Food Packaging?

Nanotechnology may not be a household term just yet, but it’s quickly finding its way into food packaging for the benefits and functionality it provides. Learning more about these different technologies – including the types of nanomaterials that can benefit the food industry – may help to revolutionize the way foods and beverages are packaged, […]

Is Product Packaging Turning Towards Convenience?

Over the last few years, there have been a few noticeable trends develop in the packaged goods industry. Of these, the shift to more convenient product packaging is one of the most noticeable – and one of the most profound for many big-name food product manufacturers. Understanding how the industry is changing to facilitate consumer […]

Why Convenience is Such an Important Component to Product Packaging

There are many important components involved in effective product packaging. It should be eye-catching, it should accurately portray what is inside the package, and it should include all the information consumers need to make an informed buying decision. However, if your brand sells food products, convenience is just as important as other components, and this […]

Color Trends Happening Right Now in Product Packaging

There’s a lot that goes into designing and implementing effective product packaging, but color is one of the most important aesthetic features to consider. Color can help create a mood and give consumers an indication of the type or flavor of a product, and in turn, this can drive the desire to buy. Here are […]

Hasbro to Offer Sustainable Plant Based Product Packaging

These days, some of the world’s biggest manufacturers are trying everything they possibly can to make their products greener and more ecofriendly. Hasbro, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of toys and games for children, recently announced that it would make the move to plant-based plastic packaging starting in 2019. This is an unprecedented move, […]

New Trends in Product Packaging Happening Right Now

Every industry experiences trends, and packaging is no exception. Here are a few of the biggest packaging trends that are happening right now. #1. Personalized Packaging It’s easier than ever these days to create customized, personal packaging. As labeling and printing costs decrease, you are more likely to see packaging with a group or individual’s […]

Your Packaging is Great, but What About Warehousing and Fulfillment?

You have the perfect, most delicious cake mix ever invented, and you have the innovative, creative packaging to match. You might think you are all set and ready to take your product to market, but this may not be the case. Just because your product and packaging are phenomenal, this does not mean you are […]

Why Product Packaging is Just as Important as the Product Itself

You have worked hard to create a product that symbolizes your company and its goals. You’ve put years of trial, error, and money into making that product, and now you want to get it into consumers’ hands. If you want it to reach consumers in good condition – and still fresh – then packaging will […]

Tips on Packaging, Warehousing, and Fulfillment

Today’s product packaging companies are more than just third parties you hire to do a job. In fact, in today’s day and age, your product packaging company serves as a vital part of your overall success. Here are some tips on packaging, warehousing, and fulfillment that will help you make better decisions for your company’s […]

New Trends in Product Packaging Happening Right Now

Things change quite a bit over the years, and product packaging is certainly no exception. Over time, packaging changes to reflect consumer and manufacturer awareness of everything from shipping costs to ease of use. Here are some trends happening in the product packaging industry right now that may change the way you choose to package […]

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