Why the Packaging Industry Has to Think about Clamp Handling

Steps all along the supply chain handle packages in different ways. Sometimes packages are moved with fork trucks, but these days, the clamp truck is the way of the future. These trucks are beneficial in supply chains for many industries in several ways, and they are influencing the way the packaging industry designs, develops, and […]

Why Eco-Friendly Food Packaging is Important

There’s a huge debate surrounding packaging in today’s world as it continues to rely more and more heavily upon ecommerce. Excess packaging is still a big issue, and one that is difficult for packaging companies to truly address in a way that is affordable and logical. Fortunately, these companies are offering more sustainable and eco-friendly […]

Packaging Issues for eCommerce Companies

There’s no doubt that ecommerce continues to grow with every passing year as consumers all over the world discover the convenience of online shopping. For the manufacturers and sellers, packaging can be difficult, and that’s evident with some of the information below. By learning more about common packaging issues in ecommerce, you can make better […]

How Shoppers Respond to Packaging Colors

Color is a very powerful thing. It can influence people’s moods, and as a result, it can even have an impact on buying decisions. Exploring the way color has these effects can help you make better choices about your product packaging, and it could even have a positive influence on your brand as a whole. […]

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