Revolutionizing Packaging with Intelligent Laminate

Today’s product packaging is a far cry different from the packaging a decade or two ago, and it seems that things continue to change year after year. From more sustainable materials to better protection, it’s all about making the supply process a better one. Intelligent laminate is one of the newest players on the market, […]

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How One French Grocery Store Combined Packaging with Valentine’s Day Flirtation

Valentine’s Day is one of the world’s most widely-celebrated holidays. On February 14 of each year, individuals are reminded to express their love to their spouses and partners – or to confess their love to their crushes. Recently, a French grocer Monaprix decided to take its product packaging to another level and help their customers […]

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The Price of Sustainable Packaging Come at a Price? Some Say No

These days, consumers are more concerned than ever about things like the environment and sustainability. As a result, product manufacturers and contract packaging companies are making bolder efforts to move toward sustainable packaging. Despite the fact that many experts claim you can’t have convenience and sustainability together in packaging, recent evidence suggests it’s not only […]

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