How One French Grocery Store Combined Packaging with Valentine’s Day Flirtation

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Valentine’s Day is one of the world’s most widely-celebrated holidays. On February 14 of each year, individuals are reminded to express their love to their spouses and partners – or to confess their love to their crushes. Recently, a French grocer Monaprix decided to take its product packaging to another level and help their customers with their confessions of love.

The Relationship between Monaprix and Rosapark

Monaprix is a well-known grocery chain in France, comparable to chains like Kroger, Meijer, and Food Lion in the United States. They are known for their corny, but effective creativity when it comes to advertisement, but they can’t claim the ingenuity as theirs alone. For the last few years, Monaprix has partnered with Rosapark, a French advertising agency, to turn their marketing campaigns into something fun and exciting for consumers. Their recent Valentine’s Day effort might seem corny, but it did the trick and helped Monaprix gain even more attention.

Unique Valentine’s Day Packaging

Like most stores, Monaprix sells a variety of product brands – including its own store brand – at each of its many locations. This past Valentine’s Day, Monaprix decided to help its many patrons find love while shopping the aisles. They took some of their products and dubbed them “Pack 06”, with the 06 representing the first two digits in a French telephone number. The goal was to persuade customers to pick up the packages, write their phone numbers on them, and pass them off to shoppers they would like to get to know better.

Did It Work?

Because the Monaprix chain is relatively large, it regularly surveys its customers to help enhance its marketing strategies and product line. The company found that about half of all its customers were single, so it decided to capitalize on that statistic. Not only did Monaprix make it easier for people to flirt (and hopefully find a Valentine to celebrate), but it also sold more of its Pack 06 products. After all, the patrons who received a product with someone’s phone number scrawled across the box were obligated to purchase the product.

Influential Product Packaging

Though the idea itself is as cheeky as it comes, the truth is that any kind of innovative packaging – even of the ultimately corny kind – will make any brand more memorable. Companies can brainstorm ideas to get their customers engaged and laughing when it comes to their products and their packaging. Whether it’s packaging in unique shapes that help customers remember the brand or bright, bold colors and funny slogans, influential product packaging is one of the best ways to move more product, build a reputation, and get consumers to remember that brand in the future. Monaprix and Rosapark hit a home run with their Pack 06 campaign. People all across France not only purchased more products, but some of them also found love along the way. It just goes to show how exciting something as simple as product packaging can become with a little forward thinking, creativity, and bravery.   CTI is a leader in the contract packaging industry for contract packaging and fulfillment services, click here for a quote or call us at 847-968-4855  

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