Do People Really Care about Sustainable Food Packaging?

When people go to the grocery store or walk into a convenience store for a snack, does the packaging that food is in make much of a difference? What if that food packaging isn’t sustainable? Are consumers likely to buy something else? There’s information to suggest that consumers are becoming more aware of these things […]

Why Packaging Strategy is Just as Important as the Product

A great deal of time, research, and testing go into the development of new products. Designs are constantly tested, tweaked, and then tested again. When it comes to packaging however, many people view it as somewhat less important. This means there is little thought as to how finished goods will be packaged. Without the right […]

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How Packaging Design & Manufacturing Go Hand in Hand

How effective and efficient your packaging is will ultimately affect your manufacturing process. Even so, there is an overwhelming tendency to view these two things as separate entities. Perhaps you have never really thought about how packaging design might affect your production, in which case you may find the following information very insightful. Benefits of […]

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How Amazon is Fighting Theft of their Doorstep Packages

Everyone loves coming home to discover a package on their front porch. Unfortunately, thieves also enjoy finding packages left on doorsteps, and lift thousands of them each year. Amazon, Walmart, UPS, and other retailers are working to curb these so-called “porch pirates”, and here are just a few of the methods being considered. Rerouting Packages […]

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