Why Packaging Strategy is Just as Important as the Product

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A great deal of time, research, and testing go into the development of new products. Designs are constantly tested, tweaked, and then tested again. When it comes to packaging however, many people view it as somewhat less important. This means there is little thought as to how finished goods will be packaged. Without the right packaging, all that work involved in new product development could be for naught. Here are just a few reasons you should carefully develop a packaging strategy.

The Right Packaging Gets you Noticed

No matter how good your product is, the truth is that you will have a hard time getting people to notice it unless you have the right packaging. After all, your packaging is the first thing others will see, and is largely what they will base their first impressions on. As such, the best way to make a positive first impression is to let your packaging do the talking for you. Packaging and sales displays go hand in hand. This means your packaging should be carefully coordinated to draw attention to your sales displays and vice versa. When the two are carefully meshed, customers are more apt to see you and then hold their gaze rather than looking elsewhere.

Packaging Protects your Products

Reducing losses is a major concern for any business. It’s an especially important issue for those in the food service industry, who must constantly worry about spoilage or contamination. Your packaging plays a key role in protecting your products and eliminating losses. The right packaging will also help your goods remain fresher longer, which can prevent you from tossing items that have gotten stale. Rarely does protective packaging allow for a “one size fits all” approach, which is why exploring different packaging options during the design phase is so crucial. Coming up with a packaging design that keeps products safe and makes them look good is essential to your bottom line.

Timing is Everything

When it comes to packaging, you need the right containers at the exact location and at the specified time. Coordinating this requires planning so that goods are not sitting around waiting to be packaged (something that could result in a great deal of waste). At the same time, you’ll want to make sure not to have too much packaging on hand as doing so is expense and also makes it more likely you will attract rodents. For many food service vendors, contract packaging is an ideal option. Partnering with a contract packaging firm such as ours ensures you always have the right packaging for whatever products you are churning out. It also prevents you from having to maintain expensive equipment or stockpile materials in order to get the job done. Successful products all require the right packaging, which is why we feel it deserves a strategy all of its own. Don’t overlook this very important aspect of product development-contact our team today to get started on a custom packaging plan that will help your items shine.                 

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