Unique Design

We can design packaging that is best suited for every client and the various products they offer. Every product is different and unique, and your packaging can be too. If custom packaging is not right for your business, we do still offer an array of stock packaging designs available to choose from as well.

When designing custom packaging, we work with our clients in a collaborative setting to utilize the strengths each side brings to the table. You possess all the knowledge about your product and its uniqueness, and we possess the craft and knowledge of the packaging industry and the different things each market desires in their packaging. Together we can create a functional and aesthetically pleasing design to attract people to your product. Different markets desire different types of packaging to appeal to the customer such as:

  • Electronics and wireless markets – customers demand to be able to see the product inside the packaging, options for this include folding cartons, corrugated boxes, and thermoformed plastic.
  • Pharmaceutical and Beauty products – May utilize packaging where the product is not seen and this is acceptable for the consumer market, this can include pouching, cartoning, and bottling.
  • Hardware markets- Visual packaging often includes more of a ‘touch and feel’ option to the product.
  • Sustainability – More markets are seeing consumers valuing sustainability initiatives including packaging designs. This trend can be seen throughout a variety of markets and if this is something you and your team are committed to, we would love to make that happen.

As we design the package, we develop the concept in various forms. On many projects, we utilize digital 3-D capabilities to allow us to get a quick visualization of the form. From there we can refine and go into actual physical models. These prototypes range from rough going all the way to a finished model with graphics, specified colors, and boards. This gives us a strong representation of the form, allowing us to move forward toward the finished piece. In several cases, we explore multiple forms throughout various stages of prototyping to allow us a full range of possibilities.

In our 65,000-square-foot climate control facility we are able to offer custom packaging services for all types of contract packaging projects.

  • Nutraceutical Bottling, Filling and Capping
  • Sample vitamin pouches
  • Heat Sealing, Blister Sealing, RF Sealing and Trapped Blisters
  • Gummy Bottling and Pouching
  • Club Packaging – Displays, blister card packaging sealing
  • Specialty packaging – Natralock™, Safepak™, special coating papers, Blisterguard™
  • Clamshells (PET, PETG, PVC, RPET)
  • Interactive clams and designer packages
  • Point of Purchase Display Design, Building, Assembling & Warehousing
  • Shrink Wrap / Bundling
  • Composite Canning / Seaming, 401, 502, and 603 sizes
  • Pouching (High Barrier, Zipper and Stand-Up)
  • Bulk bag and seal (1-pound to 15-pound bags)
  • Steam Tunnel shrink labeling

CTI can offer the right packaging for your needs, whether your items are fresh, frozen, wet, or dry. We use only the highest quality materials and our inherent knowledge of the food marketing system to help you improve your company’s sales through the preservation of quality.

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