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Please keep in mind that leaving any field blank WILL lessen your chance for response. When submitting this RFQ, please provide as much information as you can. The information you provide allows the CTI member companies to determine if they can partner with you to accomplish your goals.

Please follow these suggestions when filling out the fields in the RFQ form.

Fields 1-7: Include your company name, your contact name, your title, year your company was founded and a way to be contacted (email/phone number). Contact information is vital.

Field 8: Type of Product – Please choose the type of product you wish to be handled from the dropdown list.

Field 9: Type of Container – Please choose the type of container you wish to use for your packaging from the dropdown list.

Field 10: Approximate Quantity of Order – While approximate, if you have an idea of volume to be packaged, make sure you include this. This can be in quantity, weight, etc. However, merely stating ‘minimum’ or ‘maximum’ without numbers in this field, doesn’t’ provide enough information. Include a number, even if approximate. For instance: “I am packaging 10,000 widgets.” or “I’m packaging 10,000 gallons of…” or “I’m packaging 10,000 pounds of…”

Field 11: Time Frame – Please indicate the desired time frame you wish for the project to be completed.

Field 12: Describe the process you would like accomplished – If you have thoughts about the packaging process, if you have deadlines, or any issues that will impact the packaging of your product, please include them in this field. If you have any questions about possible restrictions to the product you’re packaging, please ask the question here.

Fields 13-14a: Distribution – Even if you are unsure at this time, please include distribution information.

Field 15: Certifications – Does your product require any certifications? If so, please indicate them here.

Field 16: Geographic information – Do you have any geographic restrictions or preferences?

Field 17: Photo(s) – Upload photo(s) of product(s) or an example of the project. In order for picture to be attached to the RFQ, please submit a picture that is sized no larger than 400 pixels (vertical) and 600 pixels (horizontal). Please note, only .PDF, .JPEG or .PNG files will be accepted.

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