Who Wants A Tall Cold One?

When I was a youngster I remember my dad drank Budweiser beer that came in a 16oz. can. Cold and frosty, it was poured into a tall thin glass and looked absolutely delicious. I thought Bud was king. Then I saw a commercial for Hamm’s beer. And then one for Old Style, and Meister Brau, […]

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Reaction to Nutrition Facts From The Original Designer

Our most recent entry showed the new proposed design for Nutrition Label that would replace the present one seen on all food packaging. We thought it might be interesting to post some of the impressions about the new design from the person who created the present deign out in the marketplace today. The designer’s name […]

Nutrition Facts

We all read (or try to read) the Nutrition Label that the FDA requires on food packaging. I’ve seen many people looking the label over while shopping in grocery stores and wonder what the consensus is. Well, it seems that the information wasn’t conveying the best message possible as the FDA hasĀ  a new proposed […]

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