New Trends in Product Packaging Happening Right Now

Things change quite a bit over the years, and product packaging is certainly no exception. Over time, packaging changes to reflect consumer and manufacturer awareness of everything from shipping costs to ease of use. Here are some trends happening in the product packaging industry right now that may change the way you choose to package […]

How Advances in the Supply Chain are Transforming the Contract Packaging Industry

When choosing the right product packaging company to suit your needs, it is always worth your time to consider the supply chain services that company offers, too. Proper supply chain management can benefit your business tremendously, allow you to focus your efforts on the products and leave the logistics to the experts. Here are some […]

4 Tips for Creating Innovative Packaging Designs

If you have an excellent product that is better than your competitors’, you will need an innovative packaging concept to go along with it. After all, poorly-designed packaging does very little to grab a consumer’s attention and prompt him or her to buy. Here are four tips for creating packaging that not only suits your […]

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