4 Tips for Creating Innovative Packaging Designs

If you have an excellent product that is better than your competitors’, you will need an innovative packaging concept to go along with it. After all, poorly-designed packaging does very little to grab a consumer’s attention and prompt him or her to buy. Here are four tips for creating packaging that not only suits your product, but also catches the consumers’ eyes.

#1 – Be Honest and Transparent

If there is one thing consumers dislike more than anything, it’s the feeling that they have been duped. You have likely purchased something thanks to promises made on the packaging that were anything but true once you actually got to the product itself. For this reason, be as honest and transparent as possible on your packaging. If your product offers something unique, be sure to make it known – but don’t go overboard and promise something that the product simply cannot deliver.

#2 – Create a Fitted Package

Grandiose packaging may seem exciting and attention-grabbing, but at the end of the day, it can annoy consumers. After all, if you’re selling a box of cookies that looks like it might contain a pair of shoes, instead, you might be turning your audience off to purchasing your product. One of the latest innovations involves creating a package in a shape that suits your product. Selling a cupcake? Consider a cupcake-shaped container. It’s unique and fun, and it leaves no question as to the product found inside.

#3 – Stand Out

One of the best things you can do when it comes to designing your product’s packaging is be original and stand out. Of course, this is often easier said than done. It’s important to consider your product, yoru brand, and your mission statement, then consider packaging that suits all of these needs. In this case, think “inside” the box rather than outside. Are all your competitors creating flashy, bright packaging for their cookies? Maybe you should consider something simple, yet elegant for yours if you want it to stand out. Often, being innovative simply involves doing something differently than your competitors.

#4 – Don’t Forget User Friendliness

Everyone has at some point (likely within the last few days) struggled with a package that was impossible to open, impossible to reseal, or impossible to break down enough to fit the garbage can or recycling bin. If your packaging frustrates your customers, there’s a very good chance they won’t repeat their purchase in the future. When designing your package, think about the following things:
  • Is it easy for your customer to hold and tote around? If the packaging is unwieldy or doesn’t allow a good grip, consumers might look elsewhere.
  • Is it reasonably simple to open? While you don’t want your product opening accidentally, it should be relatively simple for the consumer to open it at home.
  • Is it recyclable? Products in recyclable packaging appeal to a larger group of consumers.
  • Does it reseal as promised? If your product is advertised as “resealable”, make sure it lives up to expectation.
  • Can it break down at the end of its life cycle? When the consumer has exhausted the product, is it easy for that consumer to throw away the packaging or tuck it into a recycle bin?
As you can see, innovation in packaging is just as important as your product when it comes to sales. By following the four tips above, you can rest assured that your product will stand out from the crowd and please each consumer who purchases it – the two things that will truly help you succeed in a highly competitive industry.

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