Hasbro to Offer Sustainable Plant Based Product Packaging

These days, some of the world’s biggest manufacturers are trying everything they possibly can to make their products greener and more ecofriendly. Hasbro, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of toys and games for children, recently announced that it would make the move to plant-based plastic packaging starting in 2019. This is an unprecedented move, […]

Do People Really Care about Sustainable Food Packaging?

When people go to the grocery store or walk into a convenience store for a snack, does the packaging that food is in make much of a difference? What if that food packaging isn’t sustainable? Are consumers likely to buy something else? There’s information to suggest that consumers are becoming more aware of these things […]

Awesome Sustainable Packaging Examples of 2017

Consumers are more aware than ever how packaging affects the environment. As such, they are looking for more than just recyclable packaging-in fact, more people are now interested in sustainable wrappings made from reused materials. Sustainable packaging is anything but boring these days-take a look at some of these amazing examples from the past year. […]

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