What Exactly is Anti-Counterfeit Packaging?

In today’s fast-paced world, nearly anything can be counterfeited. Whether it’s money, designer shoes and handbags, or even food, counterfeiting is a difficult problem and one that many of the world’s biggest food producers are working to overcome. Anti-counterfeit packaging is designed to be very difficult to replicate, and this could help consumers make better […]

One Very Popular Hummus Company Recently Redesigned Their Packaging – Why?

Sabra is one of the nation’s biggest mass manufacturers of hummus, and their products are sold in stores all across the country. Though their products, which are available in numerous different flavors, are highly successful, consumers had some complaints about the packaging. Sabra’s experience is an interesting one, but it’s one that other food product […]

How Packaging for the Health-Conscious Consumer Could Yield More Sales

Today’s consumers live very busy lives, and that means they are always looking for a quick way to get the nourishment they need. Along those same lines, more consumers than ever are becoming conscious of their health, and that means they won’t eat just anything. Healthy food choices are a start, but it’s important to […]

Packaging Trends you Might Not See Any Longer in 2018

Packaging can be thought of as fashion for manufactured goods. And just as fashion trends change, so do packaging waves. Some packaging trends are on the increase, while others such as these could find themselves on the way out during 2018. #1. Busy, Overly Cluttered Designs Manufacturers have been under intense pressure to include lots […]

Awesome Sustainable Packaging Examples of 2017

Consumers are more aware than ever how packaging affects the environment. As such, they are looking for more than just recyclable packaging-in fact, more people are now interested in sustainable wrappings made from reused materials. Sustainable packaging is anything but boring these days-take a look at some of these amazing examples from the past year. […]

5 Questions to Ask a Contract Packaging Company before Working With Them

Although many people are under the impression that all contract packaging companies provide ‘more or less the same products and services,’ this is not the case. This is why you need to ensure that you ask the right questions before agreeing to work with a company to provide your contract packaging requirements. Below are five […]

Contract Packaging Industry – What you Need to Know

A contract packaging company is one which provides an extensive range of packaging services, equipment and facilities. Clients can choose to have the company provide some or all of these options to ensure that they are provided with the correct types of packaging to suit their needs. Some of these companies focus on one specific […]

Nature’s Dynamics Announces Non-GMO Project Verification for Their Organic Vegan Garden Gummy

March 3rd, 2017 ORLANDO, FL – Nature’s Dynamics™, makers of whole food organic gummy supplements and Probiotics, Is proud to announce the Non-GMO project verification for their USDA certified organic, vegan multivitamin gummy. Organic Vegan Garden Gummy carries the USDA seal, European Union organic seal and is certified organic through USDA and QAI. Organic Vegan […]

What’s the State of Packaging for 2015?

The packaging industry is always changing, and it can be hard to understand and keep up with this rapidly changing industry. So what is the state of packaging for 2015? Anton Steeman, writer of the blog “Best in Packaging” has the answer. In an interview on CTI’s “Package Talk” blog, he shares his thoughts on […]

The State of Packaging – 2015 (Interview 4)

Interview 4 on the subject of The State of Packaging in 2015 comes from Anton Steeman who writes the blog, “Best in Packaging”. Anton is a packaging engineer with some 40 years experience in the field and he writes for several professional American and European printed media regarding food conservation and packaging technology. 1. If […]

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