Packaging Trends you Might Not See Any Longer in 2018

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Packaging can be thought of as fashion for manufactured goods. And just as fashion trends change, so do packaging waves. Some packaging trends are on the increase, while others such as these could find themselves on the way out during 2018.

#1. Busy, Overly Cluttered Designs

Manufacturers have been under intense pressure to include lots of graphics, font, and color in their packaging designs. This has resulted in what many feel is busy, overly-cluttered packaging that actually distracts consumers rather than drawing them in. In 2018, you will likely see companies move away from cluttered designs in favor of more streamlined versions. Some ways in which packaging designs might be pared down include:
  • Switching from lots of small font to only a few words printed in very large letters. The words printed in this bigger font will be chosen very carefully in order to relay a message as succintly as possible. The idea is to grab your eye and compel you to take action.
  • Bags, cartons, and pouches that contain only a single color rather than multiple hues. Simplistic designs make a statement all on their own, and seem to stand out when placed on a store shelf next to “louder” packaging.
  • Graduated colors in similar shades for those instances when only one color is too bland or boring. This allows for simplicity, yet prevents packaging from appearing too generic.

#2. The Elimination of Excess Packaging

We’ve all purchased something only to find that it was covered with an excessive amount of packaging (computer thumb drives and SD cards are good examples of this). Going forward, products are more likely to contain minimal wrapping to reduce waste. Not only that, but the packaging that is there will likely be sustainable and easily recyclable. Rather than boxes or cartons, you’ll see reusable bags. More containers will also be made from post-consumer recycled material, (particularly plastics) and some will even abandon single-use bottles and jugs in favor of refillable ones.

#3. Bold, Geometric Designs and Oddly-Shaped Containers

Bold geometric designs on cans and bottles was at one time the best way to attract attention. With the current trend toward gentler designs, the tendency to use geometric designs or create unusual shaped packaging will likely decrease. That doesn’t mean you won’t see bright colors from time to time, but what it does mean is that you will probably not notice dozens of hues being incorporated into a single design. Another thing you may not see too often is containers that take on a unique shape. Look for more traditional boxes and cartons with crisp, clean lines instead. Keeping up with packaging trends is important if you want your products to remain relevant. If you are still using any of the above designs, it could be time for a change. Contact us here at Combined Technologies, Inc. and schedule a consultation with one of our representatives. It’s the best way to ensure your products do not appear outdated just because your packaging is.

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