What Exactly is Anti-Counterfeit Packaging?

In today’s fast-paced world, nearly anything can be counterfeited. Whether it’s money, designer shoes and handbags, or even food, counterfeiting is a difficult problem and one that many of the world’s biggest food producers are working to overcome. Anti-counterfeit packaging is designed to be very difficult to replicate, and this could help consumers make better […]

One Very Popular Hummus Company Recently Redesigned Their Packaging – Why?

Sabra is one of the nation’s biggest mass manufacturers of hummus, and their products are sold in stores all across the country. Though their products, which are available in numerous different flavors, are highly successful, consumers had some complaints about the packaging. Sabra’s experience is an interesting one, but it’s one that other food product […]

How Packaging for the Health-Conscious Consumer Could Yield More Sales

Today’s consumers live very busy lives, and that means they are always looking for a quick way to get the nourishment they need. Along those same lines, more consumers than ever are becoming conscious of their health, and that means they won’t eat just anything. Healthy food choices are a start, but it’s important to […]

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