Why Eco-Friendly Food Packaging is Important

Food packaging companies face all sorts of challenges when it comes to managing the balance between promoting fresh, eye-appealing products and protecting the environment. Despite their best efforts, reducing excess packaging is difficult – but making the shift to more sustainable options may help to bridge the gap between waste and eco-friendliness. The Focus on […]

Contract Food Packaging – How to Pick the Right Company

In today’s day and age where everything is put under a microscope, it should come as no real surprise that even food packaging can make or break millions of sales along with your company’s reputation. Choosing a contract food packaging company is all about ensuring it offers you the very best products, expertise, and certifications […]

How Food Dates on Packaging are Going Through Some Changes

For many years now, consumers have looked at dates printed on virtually every packaged food in existence with the idea that foods beyond this date were no longer fit to eat or drink. Recently, it has been brought to light that this date may be misleading consumers, and the Grocery Manufacturers Association is trying to […]

One Very Popular Hummus Company Recently Redesigned Their Packaging – Why?

Sabra is one of the nation’s biggest mass manufacturers of hummus, and their products are sold in stores all across the country. Though their products, which are available in numerous different flavors, are highly successful, consumers had some complaints about the packaging. Sabra’s experience is an interesting one, but it’s one that other food product […]

5 Awesome Examples of Innovative Food Packaging

If you think food packaging is just a package, think again. Some groundbreaking companies out there have truly turned the tides, and packaging is no longer just an outer wrapper. The five innovative food packaging examples below are truly inspiring, and they just go to show how a little innovation and expertise can go a […]

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