5 Awesome Examples of Innovative Food Packaging

If you think food packaging is just a package, think again. Some groundbreaking companies out there have truly turned the tides, and packaging is no longer just an outer wrapper. The five innovative food packaging examples below are truly inspiring, and they just go to show how a little innovation and expertise can go a long way toward bringing attention toward your brand.

Blood of Grapes Wine

Wine bottles are typically all the same. Some may be a little taller and narrower than others, and the colors might vary, but when you think of a wine bottle, there’s a classic shape in your mind. Blood of Grapes wine blows that out of the water with its unique bottle designed by Belarusian designer Constantin Bolimond. It’s in the shape of a human heart, which really drives the “blood” aspect in the title home. It also makes it one of the world’s most memorable wine brands. That’s true innovation – and marketing genius.

Hanger: Tea

Imagine buying an entire closet full of tea. It seems silly, but with Hanger: Tea, you can. This company designed its line of products with a very unique storage and use system for its teabags. The bags themselves hang on little replicas of t-shirt hangers, and the package looks just like a miniature closet. Each flavor has its own unique hanger color, and the hanger is there for more than just aesthetics and quirkiness – it also holds the teabag to your cup.

Deli Garage’s Parmesan Pencils

Grating fresh Parmesan cheese can be a messy task, but if you’re a fan of a proper Caesar salad, then you understand its importance. Deli Garage seems to have solved this issue by selling its three different varieties of yummy Parmesan in pencil form. That’s right – you can buy your Parmesan in pencil packs, then sharpen your pencils over your salad. Not only does it cut down on the mess involved in getting the perfect parm shavings, but it’s also a lot of fun. Another memorable product you aren’t likely to forget any time soon.

Top Paw

Dog food is important, too, and with so many dog owners out there interested in giving their furry babies the best of the best, there’s no doubt that Top Paw takes the cake. Not only do their dog food formulations serve dogs of different breeds and sizes perfectly, but the packaging is incredibly convenient. Top Paw comes in a triangular-shaped box with a carrying handle and a little pop-out bowl. It’s really convenient for those long walks in the park with Fido.

Good Hair Day Pasta

Pasta is one of those products that is everywhere. There are so many brands, it’s really hard to stand out in a crowded market. The makers of Good Hair Day Pasta certainly figured it out. Their simple white product packaging has clear plastic cutouts in the shape of ladies’ hairdos, and the pasta inside the box just seems to fit. Now you can buy your pasta, have a snack, and get a little hair inspiration at the same time. These five innovative food packaging ideas have proven to be gamechangers for the associated product manufacturers. Sharpening your parmesan or letting your dog eat right out of the dog food container might sound crazy, but these companies made it work – and made a name for themselves in the process.  

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