Does Retro Packaging Always Work?

  I came across this recent article in the BBC about retro packaging stating the following: “A new trend in Portugal is seeing shopkeepers stock their shelves with products and packaging which deliberately hark back to the designs of previous decades. Toys, perfumes and foods with a vintage look are proving particularly popular with tourists […]

What Do You Tell The Consumer About Your Packaging?

  A recurring question I discuss with clients now is about what they should tell their consumers when it comes to their packaging. Do they claim that their package is now recyclable and environment friendly? Is the sustainability factor something they want to plaster on their package to brag about? If the package is compostable […]

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When the Package Gets Undersold by the Clerk

  The other day I was with my wife as she was out shopping for a new cell phone. After she made her choice, two things caught my attention. The first was when the clerk assisting her was setting up the phone. My wife¬† opened the package to look for instructions and while doing so, […]

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