Does Retro Packaging Always Work?

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  I came across this recent article in the BBC about retro packaging stating the following: "A new trend in Portugal is seeing shopkeepers stock their shelves with products and packaging which deliberately hark back to the designs of previous decades. Toys, perfumes and foods with a vintage look are proving particularly popular with tourists and are helping revive the country's flagging economy." I've seen quite a bit of retro packaging here in the U.S. and after reading this brief article I began to wonder if the retro look really helps in sales or if it just briefly disrupts the consumer into purchasing products. I think the bigger question is wondering if this pulls in long-term consumer loyalty. As memories can be triggered back to more pleasant times, does this effort really raise sales? Today, as I see more and more of the retro look, I notice that it is being used with new companies and their product offerings. With that said, what will be their look when they revert in the future to their retro look? Is a retro look just a style fad or a bona fide and viable tool? Chuck Miller

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