Contract Food Packaging – How to Pick the Right Company

In today’s day and age where everything is put under a microscope, it should come as no real surprise that even food packaging can make or break millions of sales along with your company’s reputation. Choosing a contract food packaging company is all about ensuring it offers you the very best products, expertise, and certifications to make your brand the very best it can be. The tips below will help you make the right choice, as well.

Production Processes and Materials are Important

Contract food packaging companies should do much more than just wrap your products in plastic and send them off to retailers or warehouses. To ensure the very best experience for your customers (and therefore yourself), choose a company that understands and utilizes a wide variety of packaging materials in numerous styles and structures. The more options from which you can choose, the better off your food will be, and the happier the end user will be once he or she gets it home from the market, too. Combined Technologies has vast knowledge of numerous materials and processes, and they can help your company choose the best options for your needs.

FDA Compliance is a Requirement

The FDA regulates not only the food that consumers buy in markets, but they also create regulations regarding food packaging, too. These regulations change all the time to better protect consumers, so it’s important that you choose a contract food packaging company that stays in the know. Combined Technologies ensures it is always up-to-date with the latest FDA guidelines and requirements in terms of both the products and materials they use and their processes. We also understand the guidelines behind nutritional claims such as “organic,” “natural,” and “kosher,” which can help you design better packaging for your unique audience.

Food Packaging Companies Need Design Experience

There is more to food packaging than simply putting a product into a container. In fact, in today’s competitive world, contract food packaging companies must also be able to design packaging that is innovative, unique and eye-catching – all while keeping food safe and fresh. Whether you need a simple package for retail sales, an entire range of custom packaging, or even displays, Combined Technologies’ team of designers can help you make sure your brand is accurately represented and that your customers will see and buy your products.

The Ability to Work as a Team

Finally, even if a contract packaging company meets all the requirements above, you should still be sure that you can build a solid working relationship with whichever company you choose. Combined Technologies will talk to you to better understand your vision for your products, and these includes everything from the nutrition information to the colors on the packaging and more. When we understand what you need, and when you understand exactly what we can offer, you will feel more confident in your decisions. Contract food packaging is more complex than you might initially believe, but thanks to Combined Technologies and our unwavering dedication to providing only the best products, services, and materials, you can rest your mind at ease knowing your food and beverage products are in good hands and your customers will receive them just as they were intended – fresh, delicious, and eye-appealing.

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