New Trends in Product Packaging Happening Right Now

Things change quite a bit over the years, and product packaging is certainly no exception. Over time, packaging changes to reflect consumer and manufacturer awareness of everything from shipping costs to ease of use. Here are some trends happening in the product packaging industry right now that may change the way you choose to package your own goods.

Transparent Labeling

One of the biggest complaints among consumers, particularly when it comes to the food and beverages, is the lack of transparency when it comes to ingredients. People want to know what is in the products they buy, and they often feel frustrated when they are not 100% certain whether something is truly organic, low-calorie, or even free from allergens. Transparent labeling is a huge trend right now, especially since more and more consumers are being driven to purchase foods that fit into very specific categories.

New Labeling Requirements

The FDA requirements for nutrition labeling are set to change in 2018, so many companies are already making the transition. Serving sizes will be larger and bolder, calories will be far more visible, and a new footnote explaining the Daily Value is expected to help consumers make better, healthier choices about the foods they buy. Vitamin D and potassium will be requirements, but Vitamins A & C will no longer be necessary on your labeling. Though the deadline for packaging changes may be pushed back yet again, many companies are already working hard to meet these guidelines.


Consumers are used to products in boxes, bags, and bottles, but the truth is that the more creative your package, the more likely a consumer will see it, consider it, and eventually buy it. One of the biggest creative trends in terms of packaging is in the package’s shape. For example, if a product has an apple flavor, creating an apple-shaped package might make a bigger impression on the consumer. On the other hand, minimal packaging may also give you the creative upper hand depending on the people you are trying to reach with your product. Consider your audience, then decide how you can use creativity in your packaging design to make your product more noticeable.

Lightweight and Easy to Use Packaging

In this case, the term “flexibility” refers to the consumers’ ability to utilize and later recycle the packaging. The more flexible your packaging, the more people who are likely to buy your product, which can impact your revenue tremendously. Ensuring that a package is easy to use, recyclable, and space-saving can go a long way, and that’s why it’s one of the biggest trends for 2018. Lightweight packaging benefits both manufacturers and consumers; manufacturers save money on shipping while consumers feel more comfortable picking up the product and taking it home. As you can see, product packaging trends are geared toward both the consumer and the manufacturer. These trends are designed to not only appeal to more people than ever before, but also to reflect positively on the products inside. Whether you manufacture food products or any other item, keeping up with these trends will help you stay on top in a competitive marketplace.

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