Who Wants A Tall Cold One?

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When I was a youngster I remember my dad drank Budweiser beer that came in a 16oz. can. Cold and frosty, it was poured into a tall thin glass and looked absolutely delicious. I thought Bud was king. Then I saw a commercial for Hamm's beer. And then one for Old Style, and Meister Brau, and Schlitz and later even Coors. My they all looked so wonderful and desirable. Maybe it was the commercials, but I think the packaging was the tip in. The cans and bottle labels were all so well designed and came in such a variety of colors. When I became old enough to legally drink I had decisions to make. Was it going to be Bud? Or Schlitz? Miller looked good but so did so many other brands. As time went on I steered more toward the imports is search of richer flavor. Still I noticed the art on the bottle or can to assist in my decision. Heineken was a big winner in the green bottle with the red star. But then Beck's seemed to look a bit better (even though it had the same color scheme). While I was in the green bottle phase I then veered off and went to Grolsch with the built in bottle stopper. Recently I started drinking Stella Artois, another green bottle brew (probably for those Wes Anderson style commercials). So basically, I go head over heels for all kinds of beer and along with taste I look at the packaging. Recently I saw an article discussing the decline of Budweiser sales due to the loss of connection to the prime target market because of the look of the packaging. It was an interesting read but confirmed my belief that "looks good, taste great" may actually comes in just that order. Anyways, as spring is arriving and the summer season is just around the corner, the great pastime of sitting down and having a tall cold one in the backyard is soon upon us. And with that comes the annual decision as to what brew will be the chosen one. Bud? Miller? Coors? Sam Adams maybe? Or will the craft beers win this season? I guess it all depends on what you see when you go to the store and find yourself in the beer cooler shopping for your dream beer. Good luck with your search and keep a cold one on hand just for me! Combined Technologies is a full service packaging company managing your packaging needs.

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