Revolutionizing Packaging with Intelligent Laminate

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Today’s product packaging is a far cry different from the packaging a decade or two ago, and it seems that things continue to change year after year. From more sustainable materials to better protection, it’s all about making the supply process a better one. Intelligent laminate is one of the newest players on the market, and it may just change things for many manufacturers forever.

TruTag Technology

The first intelligent laminate, called SecuriLam, was developed and manufactured by TruTag, a company based in Hawaii. Their flagship product is microscopic silica particles encoded in such a way that they can be programmed and read by handheld optical readers. These silica particles have already found their way into certain drugs, allowing for better-timed release and localization of those medications. TruTags are also being used in secure documents to trace their locations and their travel history. However, introducing them to traditional laminate could have significant benefits for many different types of industries around the world.

How Does SecuriLam Work?

SecuriLam looks just like any other laminate product on the market today. Because the silica particles are invisible to the naked eye, they have no effect on packaging potential, and consumers cannot tell the difference between it and other laminate products. The FDA has designated it as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), and manufacturers can feel good about it not only because it is food-grade, but also because it is manufactured using cGMP, or Current Good Manufacturing Practices standards. Essentially, manufacturing companies would utilize both SecuriLam and handheld optical readers designed to program and retrieve data from the silica particles trapped inside the laminate. The potential benefits are limitless. For example, manufacturers could segment their packaging based on various types of information and verify things such as distribution processes, manufacturing locations, and even product type. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the ability for products packaged with SecuriLam to be authenticated at any point through the supply chain.

Should You Consider SecuriLam?

SecuriLam is undoubtedly an exciting high-tech product with numerous benefits. Even small businesses could use it for data collection and analysis to help find vulnerabilities anywhere along their supply chains. Of course, the biggest concern is cost, and while getting started with SecuriLam is a bit of an investment since companies must purchase proprietary authentication devices and handheld optical readers at the start, the laminate itself costs about the same as other specialty laminate products already on the market today. If it exposes vulnerabilities in the supply and distribution chain, it could pay for itself within a few weeks’ time. SecuriLam, the world’s first off-the-shelf intelligent laminate product, is revolutionary. It will allow for a great deal of security in packaging and labeling, which can protect manufacturers, but it can also enhance things like product traceability, which protects consumers and inevitably protects the brand itself. SecuriLam is available now through TruTag, and it is expected that today’s biggest names in contract product packaging will soon embrace the technology, as well. CTI is a leader in the contract packaging industry for contract packaging and fulfillment services, click here for a quote or call us at 847-968-4855  

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