Why Eco-Friendly Food Packaging is Important

There’s a huge debate surrounding packaging in today’s world as it continues to rely more and more heavily upon ecommerce. Excess packaging is still a big issue, and one that is difficult for packaging companies to truly address in a way that is affordable and logical. Fortunately, these companies are offering more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options in the interim, and it’s important for numerous reasons.

The Era of Convenience

Consumers today want one thing more now than ever – convenience. They want to obtain things, whether those things are food, clothes, household goods, or even major appliances, without ever having to leave their homes. Today’s consumers get everything from hygiene staples to their weekly groceries delivered to their doors, and they’re taking notice of the packaging. There’s simply too much of it, and much of what they see is far from eco-friendly packaging. This has started a huge trend, and companies are starting to focus more on the environment when it comes to packaging. Not only does it have to be convenient, but it also has to be eco-friendly.

The Increased Demand

Everyone all over the world is becoming more conscious of the environment. Melting ice caps, disappearing bees, and worsening weather events keep people engaged and passionate about their surroundings. The demand for sustainable packaging has never been higher, and consumers expect manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprints in everything they do. Good packaging companies, then, must offer eco-friendly packaging options to their clients so that their clients can satisfy their customers.

Making the Shift

Many food companies have avoided making the change, fearing the worst in terms of cost. These days, though, bioplastics are being developed at record pace, and prices continue to fall. There are a few different ways in which packaging companies and food manufacturers can work together to create better, more eco-friendly packaging, too. These include all of the following.
  • Use simpler materials. Fancy packaging isn’t as important as sustainable packaging, particularly for ecommerce. As a result, simplify things as much as possible without sacrificing aesthetics, freshness, or protection.
  • Use sustainable materials. When possible, opt for materials that come from renewable, sustainable sources. Recycled materials are one option and bioplastics are yet another.
  • Reduce materials. Reducing materials is difficult, but there are a few ways to do it. Vacuum bags are excellent choices for food products, and net bags are great for produce that won’t go bad easily or ripen too quickly.
  • Stay informed. Finally, it is important for both contract packagers and their clients to stay in-the-know about the latest eco-friendly packaging options and be willing to adopt them. After all, this is what will ultimately catapult the food industry into the new age, ensuring that every company moves away from excess packaging made from non-sustainable materials.
Eco-friendly food packaging is important in many ways. Obviously, it reduces companies’ carbon footprints and makes the world a better, safer place to be. For most consumers, though, it’s all about doing their part, and with the increased awareness of things like climate change, they are demanding less packaging made with better materials.    

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