Why Product Packaging is Just as Important as the Product Itself

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You have worked hard to create a product that symbolizes your company and its goals. You’ve put years of trial, error, and money into making that product, and now you want to get it into consumers’ hands. If you want it to reach consumers in good condition – and still fresh – then packaging will play a vital role. In fact, packaging is just as important as the product, especially when it’s a consumer’s first experience with your company. Here’s why.

Brand Visibility

No matter how great your product is, if it doesn’t stand out to a consumer who might come across it in a market, that product will never leave the shelves. Your product packaging is the “face” your company puts forward into the world, and it’s often the very first interaction the everyday consumer will have with your product. If the packaging isn’t appealing, then the product won’t be appealing, either, no matter how wonderful it might be. For this reason, your packaging is vital to your company’s overall success.

Product Protection

Once a consumer makes the decision to purchase your product, it’s also important for this consumer to have the experience he or she expects. This means that your packaging needs to be tough enough to withstand shipping and protect your product through any mishaps that may happen between the manufacturing facility and the day and time the consumer decides to use it. Deciding what sort of packaging will best protect your product is crucial for this very reason, and it also means that your product is only as good as the protection that packaging offers.


Product freshness can be viewed as another aspect of protection. When it comes to packaging, storing, shipping, and ultimately displaying a product on market shelves, its packaging is vital for keeping it fresh throughout the entire process. The end users of these products expect freshness, and the FDA requires it in many cases. This is yet another reason why packaging is just as important as the product; when your packaging fails to keep your product fresh, the consumer is disappointed, and this can tarnish your reputation.

FDA Requirements

Last, but most certainly not least, it is important to remember that the FDA has guidelines in place that dictate where and how you must label your products. These guidelines continue to change, and more changes are planned for 2018. Failing to place labels and other pertinent information properly can lead to having your products removed from store shelves, and it might even lead to having to repackage an entire warehouse full of goods. If the packaging doesn’t meet requirements, then it’s impossible to get your product out to the consumers who will buy it. Product packaging might seem like an afterthought, especially if you have a phenomenal product that consumers are sure to love. Remember, though, that it is the packaging that will catch the consumer’s attention, prompting him or her to buy in the first place. It’s also that packaging that ensures the end user has a positive experience with your product, as well.  

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