New Trends in Product Packaging Happening Right Now

Every industry experiences trends, and packaging is no exception. Here are a few of the biggest packaging trends that are happening right now.

#1. Personalized Packaging

It’s easier than ever these days to create customized, personal packaging. As labeling and printing costs decrease, you are more likely to see packaging with a group or individual’s name on it. In fact, the demand for personalized packaging is one reason why custom drawn or hand lettered designs continue to be popular as well.

#2. Vintage Designs

Anything that reminds people of days gone by automatically invokes a warm, cozy feeling. Even so, vintage packaging does more than just help people feel good-it also goes a long way toward building trust. So if you are a new company, vintage packaging can help you appear more established so that individuals will be able to trust you more.

#3. Simple, Minimalistic Options

Consumers these days are constantly bombarded with a great deal of noise. In the middle of all that noise, it very well could be simplicity that helps you stand out. The right logo against a solid backdrop is often all that’s required in order to draw someone’s attention. And if your packaging is also eco-friendly, you are a double winner. More than half of all shoppers now consider how eco-friendly a product’s packaging is before making a purchase.

#4. Holographic or Metallic Stamping

Holographic images and metal stamping can add a touch of elegance to any packaging. In 2018, you are likely to see shiny, metallic lettering or holographic foil stamping on traditional boxes, cartons, or bags in order to give them a high-end appeal. Foil can even be used to prevent one of your minimalist packaging designs from becoming a bit too stale or boring.

#5. Gradients

Colorful packaging that gradually goes from one color to another is one packaging trend that is expected to return in the coming year. Bold, brilliant shades are trending right now, which means you are likely to see gradient packaging in colorful shades of orange, red, turquoise, and purple. You may notice gradients on bottles, jars, and cans containing everything from soft drinks to sugary snacks.

#6. Big Lettering

Oversized letters are used when you would like to make a bold statement in as few words as possible. Use big lettering to attract people’s attention and then quickly get your point across. Use large letters against a simple background containing bold, bright colors, and there is no way folks can miss you. Buyers will also be more likely to pick up your product because they won’t feel bogged down with too much information to read. Keeping up with packaging trends is just as important as learning the latest marketing developments. If it has been some time since you last updated your packaging, it may be time for a reboot. Here at Combined Technologies, we can help you take advantage of these and other trends to ensure your product is viewed positively by consumers. Contact us today to find out more.

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