Color Trends Happening Right Now in Product Packaging

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There’s a lot that goes into designing and implementing effective product packaging, but color is one of the most important aesthetic features to consider. Color can help create a mood and give consumers an indication of the type or flavor of a product, and in turn, this can drive the desire to buy. Here are some color trends happening right now that accurately reflect the importance of this design element.

Pastels are Popular

Despite the common notion that bright colors do a better job of stimulating emotion and triggering the desire to buy, 2018 has seen a significant increase in the implementation of pastel colors. The lack of color saturation truly stands out among numerous packages with bright, bold colors that can be quite overwhelming when lined up on store shelves. The paleness triggers a sense of calm in consumers, and in a sense, rather than one’s vision being overloaded with bright colors, metallic sheen, and glitter, pastel colors gently ease consumers into looking. In turn, they are intrigued, and they are likely to spend more time examining the packaging to learn more about the product inside.

Color Gradients

Gradients are everywhere, even in nature. You can see them in the sky every morning and evening as the sun rises and sets, and that may be the driving force behind this color trend. When consumers see a vibrant gradient on packaging, they are reminded of things like sunsets. What’s more, the transition of color, when done correctly, can even stimulate moods like calm, peace, or even excitement – it’s all about the product on the inside and the message your brand is trying to portray.

Green for the Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly product packaging has never been more important to consumers than it is right now, and in an effort to help consumers pinpoint which products are best, the word “green” can be used in more than one way. Not only is the packaging green in the sense that the materials used to create it were sustainably sourced, but manufacturers are choosing to utilize the color green as an indicator of this. Many companies have caught on, though, which has diluted the importance of the color, so manufacturers today will utilize a bold green ribbon on the packaging instead to denote its environmentally-friendly design.

Colors for Flavors

Finally, recent consumer surveys have found that the vast majority of food purchasers tend to associate certain colors with very specific flavors depending on the type of product they are buying. For example, consumers buying candy tend to associate the color red with cherry and the color yellow with lemon. Manufacturers who create lemon cupcakes, then, will often use yellow product packaging to make the consumer decision quicker, simpler, and more effective as a whole. It’s a great way to provide a sizeable amount of information to consumers at a glance, and that is why it is one of the year’s biggest color trends. Colors are important when it comes to product packaging. Some companies tend to utilize their brand colors more than anything else, but others tend to use colors that represent the style or flavor of the food inside. Each of these approaches can be beneficial when done in an attractive, safe, and convenient way.

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