Why Convenience is Such an Important Component to Product Packaging

There are many important components involved in effective product packaging. It should be eye-catching, it should accurately portray what is inside the package, and it should include all the information consumers need to make an informed buying decision. However, if your brand sells food products, convenience is just as important as other components, and this is true for many reasons.

There’s Less Frustration when Accessing the Product

If you have ever tried to open a package of potato chips just to have it rip right down the side and create a mess, then you understand exactly how frustrating it is when packaging fails to provide easy access to a product you have purchased. These days, there are numerous ways to make it easier for your buyers to access your product. Technology allows for packaging that is easy to peel apart, unzip, or tear open, and this can significantly reduce the frustration involved in accessing foods.

Part of Convenience is Simple Preparation

Something else to consider is the convenience involved in preparing the product inside a package if it requires heating before consumption. Things like sandwiches, some pastries, and even frozen vegetables can all be microwaved right inside their packages, which reduces consumers’ need for pots, pans, and dishes and significantly cuts down on the overall preparation time. When consumers buy a convenience food, that food needs to be easy to prepare. Fortunately, today’s technology allows for microwave-safe packaging that protects foods and helps to ensure a perfect bite every single time.

Consumers Like Resealable Products

Though snack-size packaging is a great idea, not everyone has the time to finish the product inside in a single sitting. In cases like this, giving consumers the option to reseal the product to retain its freshness is vital. This way, they can prevent contamination, slow the staling process, and enjoy the rest of their fresh, delicious snack at a later time. Options include sticky packaging, zip pouches, and lidded products to name a few.

Seeing the Product is Believing

Believe it or not, giving consumers the ability to see what’s inside the packaging is a big part of convenience, too. Rather than reading every last word on the ingredients list, and instead of looking for a printed flavor or food style, consumers can simply look through the clear packaging or window to see whether their muffin is chocolate chip, blueberry, or another flavor. Consumers appreciate the ability to find what they want at a glance as it saves them time and effort when shopping for a snack or treat. As long as the product that shows through the packaging or window is an accurate representation of the product as a whole, this is a great way to make your packaging more convenient. There are many things to think about when it comes to ensuring that your food products’ packaging is convenient enough to truly appeal to consumers. If they can easily access the product inside, prepare it without hassle, reseal it if needed, and see the product before they buy it, these are all excellent ways to improve sales and brand recognition.

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