What Is This Going To Cost Me?

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In today's manufacturing world we monitor costs. All costs. And so do our clients. Charging fairly for work done is always good but is there a little bit more you can offer your client that lowers the estimated cost? If you design, manufacture and fulfill packaging do you charge for all three? Do you waive design costs to get the manufacturing and fulfillment? Or do you somehow factor it in? Let me ask you this? What if you offered clients who have a need for a custom packaging design in their packaging project a set rate for a set amount of hours? If your rate is "X" and for a set amount of contracted and guaranteed hours on a monthly basis, would you offer a discounted rate for design time? The client gets an even more dedicated design effort at a reduced rate and you get to pull in a revenue stream at whatever size you agree upon. Does this model sound smart, secure or just a fantasy? Let me know what you think. Check in at www.ctipack.com for more packaging insights.

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