What Do You Do With The Package?

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The role of retail packaging is always changing. The size relationship of the package to the product is much closer today due to the demand for less waste in packaging. The materials used have also changed. The retail package now has to work harder in connecting the consumer to the product and do so in a more competitive marketplace. With sustainability issues rising everyday, we find it more challenging to create an intelligent package that meets all the demands put on it today. I am giving you a link to view a package that both contains and sells a product but then simply "goes away". The designer for this package is from Montreal and his name is Simon Laliberte. The product is a toothbrush called DISSOLVE and the package is amazing. Wish I had done this one and glad to share it with you. Take a look and see. http://vimeo.com/slaliberte/dissolve And when you get a chance, visit us at www.ctipack.com to learn about our sustainability initiatives.

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