When Too Much of a Good Thing is Too Much

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At left is a picture of Russian nesting dolls. They come in many forms and colors and vary in pricing depending on the quality and detail of work. What is so unique about them is that they stack into each other. In other words, the smaller one fits into the doll that is just a size bigger and the rest follow suit until you only see the largest doll. Hence the nesting concept. It is an example of security,safety and creative and artistic design. When you look at packaging today you may see the same concept being mirrored in the form of a box placed inside a clam shell.  This provides security for the box and allows the consumer to see the graphics but acts as an example of overkill in packaging. Placing a package inside another only works when there is a viable reason for doing so. A box can be made secure. A clam shell package can also. Putting one inside the other isn't always necessary and really sends the wrong message. It reminds me of someone wearing suspenders along with a belt. At CTI, we look at all the aspects of packaging whether it is security, style, sustainability or fulfillment. We think and plan out all the issues at hand before delivery. It is what we do best and it accomplishes successful results. Now if we were packaging Russian stacking dolls.... For more information regarding our design, manufacturing or fulfillment capabilities, go to: http://www.ctipack.com

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