Tips on Packaging, Warehousing, and Fulfillment

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The success of your company largely depends on having the right packaging, warehousing, and fulfillment plans in place. Here are some tips that will help your operations be as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Packaging Tips

At one time, many manufacturers used oversized packaging for even the smallest items. The idea behind that was to “trick” consumers into thinking they were getting bigger products. These days, more packaging does not necessarily equate to bigger, better products in the eyes of many people. Instead, shoppers are more likely to consider quality and how environmentally friendly their packaging is. If you can get by with less (or recyclable) packaging, everyone wins. Not only will you keep costs down, but you will also earn trust because others will notice that you are not trying to fool them with outlandish packaging. Just because you are using less material does not mean you should settle for dull, mundane packaging. What works well for someone else may not necessarily be suitable for you. Custom packaging can make all the difference when it comes to creating new sales and building brand loyalty. In essence, it could actually mean the difference between a successful product line and one you are forced to scrap.

Warehousing Tips

Choosing the right warehouse environment to fit your needs is critical. Think about storage capacity-do your products need to be stored on pallets or will smaller bins suffice? Do you require refrigeration? What about a loading dock? Ensuring you can quickly fill and ship orders should be at the forefront of any decision you make concerning warehousing. Product safety is equally important, particularly if you are in the food service industry. As such, any warehouse space you choose should protect your goods against rodents and insects. Temperature control may also be an issue; otherwise, you could be looking at huge losses due to spoiled items.

Fulfillment Tips

When it comes to fulfillment, knowing when it is time to outsource your operations is key. Some things that may indicate it is time to outsource are when:
  • A great deal of your business comes from drop shipping.
  • You have recently experienced significant growth.
  • Other important business functions are put off because you are always too busy.
  • You realize it is time to hire new personnel, yet cannot quite afford to do so.
  • There are seasonal bursts in sales, followed by a much slower period.
  • You would like to downsize or scale back your operations.
Many people believe that only larger companies need help with fulfillment. The truth is that any size business can benefit from outsourcing their fulfillment to an established, reputable firm such as ours.

Choose One Company that can Do it All

You’ll benefit more by having one company handle all your packaging, warehousing, and fulfilment needs. Here at Combined Technologies, Inc., we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business because we also have a vested interest in your success. Allow us to meet with you and discuss how we can partner together to ensure you prosper.

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