The Future Looks Bright on the Sustainable Thinking Front

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The two images shown here are student entries in the 2011 Dieline Packaging Awards that were held last month in Chicago. The first was in the food category and the other in the home and garden category. These are student projects and in the past usually fall short as they tend to be "pie in the sky" concepts and executions. However we are finding this is not so much the case in recent student work. The understanding of materials, processes and the present retail culture have shown us some really interesting solutions for a variety of products and challenges. Probably the most enjoyable point of recognition as we see it is the factor of sustainability and the role it plays. This obviously includes the marriage of materials and graphics but functionality is the third and forgotten element that fills out the equation here. So note how these packages exude sustainability in their appearance and then see how their functionality works as the tip in to a fresh, simple and successful solution. Work that is well done. Who knows, we may be contacting these future stars to come work with us at CTI!

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