Tea For You!

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Yesterday a team from our office met with a client at a Starbucks to review some recent work and brainstorm on upcoming projects. Things went well and we accomplished quite a bit. While there, I spent some time looking at the packaging. Who doesn't like to see what Starbucks offerings are available? There's an array of bean selections to study, mugs of various shapes and sizes, posters displaying images from around the world and even new and exciting tea flavors and packages. Tea? Yes tea. All kinds of tea. And if you have been in a Starbucks lately you've seen the new Oprah Chai Tea. Having not tried it, I cannot judge it, but from what I see this looks like a win-win situation for Starbucks and Oprah. Both brands expand their offerings and the consumer gets a new product to try in the tea market. But what makes you buy this, or shall I say, what makes you want to buy this? Is it Starbucks? Is it Oprah? The packaging? Or just the tea? I would venture to say that a combination of all four come into play at various levels. I enjoy stopping in at Starbucks for the experience. Also, I like the look of the packaging. I can't say I'm a big fan of Oprah but she doesn't make me not want to purchase the product. Tea is good but I rarely drink it. What are your thoughts on this? Read more at http://www.ctipack.com

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