Talking the Talk

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In the recent issue of Paperboard Packaging magazine (Spring 2012), there's a nice little read about our approach to seeking out prospects. When we were planning to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it came to mind that we needed something special to get us front and center with prospects to talk packaging needs without taking an inordinate amount of time for either the prospects or ourselves. We came up with a series of T-shirts to wear and hand out - all centered on the theme of mobile communications, which fit the show's clientele. Among the shirts' pithy phrases were, "lol! (about your package)" and "wtf? (is with your package)." Each shirt included our company web address. Sales did result from the team's attendance at the show, although it's difficult to determine if they were directly attributed to the shirts. But the shirts served a purpose; creating buzz. The shirts brought the team attention as they approached prospects and were successful in breaking the ice and getting discussions started. Clever T-shirts aside, CTI is always looking for ways to uncover prospects and offer them a different approach to their packaging. To learn more about how we can manage your packaging needs either give us a call at 877-968-4855 or go to

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