Sounds Good to Me – I’ll Buy It. Or maybe I should look into that?

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The Lure of Really Good Packaging - Research vs. Impulse How many times have you bought products through the lure of the packaging? Have you found yourself tempted and actually purchased something that way? Many times I've seen products that I never thought of buying but found desirable once I saw the packaging. After thinking about it, I had to let the logical side of my brain take over. Depending on price, my knowledge of the product and the competition (plus an actual need), I am able to come to a decision. These days the research is plentiful (Internet) and easy to access. Considering the simplicity of online shopping it is easier than ever to fall prey to clicking the "Buy" button. So when you see "the shiny and attractive package" do you buy on an impulse or do some research? Let me know what you think. By the way, the above image is packaging for Bluetooth speakers.

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