Some Brands Are Just Reborn for Another Generation

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Back in the 60's there was a men's cologne that came onto the market called Hai Karate. This was the "chick magnet" that was going to make magic for every guy. Women were going to flock to you the moment you doused some of this amazing liquid on your face. It was so unbelievable that you would need to perform various Karate moves to fend off the women. It was very comical but the stuff sold and men wore it thinking in the back of their minds "I sure hope this stuff does the trick for me." Then came English Leather which was followed by Brut, Musk for Men, Chaz (featuring a young Tom Sellick as the handsome spokesmodel), Polo and now full circle to Axe. English Leather, Brut, Musk Chaz and Polo were a bit more on the serious side compared to Hai Karate which allowed them to sell at a higher price. Serious always costs a bit more! Now we come back to the funny bone of smelling good and we have the Axe line of men's products. The commercials always show a guy who has some form of hygiene, body odor or messy, dirty hair issue which gets resolved immediately when using products by Axe. Did I say immediately? This stuff works as fast or faster than Hai Karate ever did. The funny part is that the guy never fights the women off. He just smirks and heads off into the sunset with them. So even though Hai Karate died a sad death fighting off would be women lovers, Axe has risen to give all men the opportunity to take on all female comers. And I bet the men who wear it think in the back of their minds "I sure hope this stuff does the trick for me." So the point here is that some brands have a longer life than others based on a number of factors and themes can get played or used over and over and go from one brand to another in various forms. I'm not sure but I think I saw English Leather still out there. It was right next to Musk for Men. Polo was on a higher priced shelf and I think Chaz went bye bye.

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