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Recently I came upon this article showing handmade paper greeting cards that you plant in the soil as they grow into wildflowers. The cards are embedded with seeds where they first send one a greeting and second act on an interactive level. The cards have whimsical illustrations with the ability to send wonderful messages. Although I have seen this where one saves the package from a particular product which when planted, grows into a flower, this one is new to my radar. It takes a straightforward route turning a card into a form of nature. In this age of the online social world and instant (and last minute) messaging, my thought here is that someone was really thinking and took the concept of a greeting card and brought it back to a tactile form with dual purposes. So I wonder if anyone has seen this or other forms that complete such actions. These cards actually makes the transformation that reclaim a life back to print (which has experienced a rapidly growing death). Let me know what you've seen and link to examples if you have any. AT CTI, we seek to deliver creative solutions in all of our projects. If you are interested in seeing more, contact us at 847-968-4855 or visit our new website at

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