Let’s Be Different Like Everyone Else

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There comes a time in our lives when we seek an identity with the goal of expressing our personality and showing how we are unique individuals. In doing so we strive for recognition from those who are already accepted by many others. In this effort we really fall into conforming to a large group and thus lose our individuality. This happens countless times with retail brands striving to achieve a unique quality or a noticeably different look and feel. They strive to stand out among the many other brands fighting for your attention. One of the outlets for this effort is in a brand's packaging. How many products in the same market have similar packaging? You can tell which one originates a look and which follow with knock off designs. Do all laundry soap bottles need to look identical? When one varies the look more than the rest does it catch your eye? If so, then it has succeeded. It grabbed your attention just long enough for you to check out the product. This is the sign of successful and intelligent packaging. As we enter stores doing our shopping we enjoy the conformity of where products are placed and hold expectations as to where to look for certain items. Along with this, we crave for some variety in what we see when shopping. The same old thing becomes boring and unfulfilling in so many ways. We want to be stimulated and aroused when we shop and packaging is the perfect opportunity for this. So the next time you're out shopping, look to see which products stand out and notice the differentiator responsible.

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