How’s The Service Here?

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How many times have people recommended restaurants, hotels and even destinations to you? And in business, how many recommendations have been given to you when searching for a supplier or a firm to partner with on a new project? The restaurants are probably the easiest to confirm by looking up reviews. Hotels and destinations are similar. When someone recommends a business or references one to you, a new level arises. Quite a bit rides on such a gesture and reputations are on the line in some cases. Do you partner with just anyone? When you meet with potential clients, how do you refer to your business "partners"? Are they competent, above average or the best you ever met? Do you include them in your pitches to prospects, introduce them as partners or keep them at bay? It is understandable that situations vary and the introduction of partners can become tricky at times for various reasons. At CTi, we have partners and find that introductions and transparency go hand in hand. We work hard to build our client base and just as hard to build trust with our business partners with the goal of long-term relationships. We do find strength in numbers and make sure that those "numbers" are solid through and through. So when a prospect asks someone in the industry about the service at your company, do you know the answer? For more information on our products and services, visit

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