Why Holiday Packaging Can Make or Break your Branding Efforts

With the holiday season being right around the corner, many companies are starting to consider the option of using holiday packaging instead of their regular options. While this can be a fantastic idea to get your brand noticed by consumers at this time of the year, it is essential that this option be approached correctly.

Sales Figures can be Boosted Substantially

During 2015, the National Retail Federation noted that more than $626 billion was spent during the December holiday season, which amounted to a staggering 30% of total sales for that year. That’s right, almost one-third of annual sales in stores were made during one month of the year, with 49% of consumers admitting that they based their shopping choices on those cute little reindeers or snowmen that are so popular on item packages during this time of the year.

Render your Brand Memorable to Consumers

Another benefit of using holiday contract packaging instead of regular alternatives at this time of year is that it helps consumers to remember your brand. When creating holiday packaging, don’t be afraid to go a step further and provide consumers who purchase your items with ‘a little something extra.’ For instance, if you are selling a bottle of whiskey, add a good quality gift tag to the holiday-themed box. This will enable buyers to simply fill in the card and give it as a gift – no additional wrapping required.

Keep These Holiday Branding Horror Stories in Mind

Although many smaller businesses may think that holiday branding isn’t for them, it’s important to remember that even some larger companies have holiday branding horror stories to share. In 2011, Coca Cola thought it would be a fantastic idea to rebrand their traditional red cans by changing them to white for the festive season. This move flopped horrendously when consumers reported that it made all of their cans look like Diet Coke. As a result, the company pulled the marketing campaign two months early – and was stuck with thousands of cans no one wanted to purchase. With 2011 seeming like the year for holiday branding blunders, Hershey’s overestimated what the demand would be for Halloween-themed candy. This meant that hundreds of thousands of packages had to be steeply discounted after the holiday was over, which resulted in a sharp drop in profit margins. Lesson learned here – while holiday contract packaging is a great idea, be sure to determine how much will be required beforehand.

Choose the Right Contract Packaging Provider

After deciding to use holiday packaging, it’s essential that you hire the right company to fulfil your requirements. Here at Combined Technologies, we have an experienced marketing and design team on hand to assist with this. They will collaborate with you to create the right product at the right price. If you would like to find out more about how Combined Technologies can assist you with creating custom holiday packaging for your products, contact them today.      

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