Haven’t We Met Before?

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While shopping recently in a big chain retail store I noticed something peculiar. I viewed 3 different prepay phones and saw that the packaging was all very similar. Now the shapes and colors may have varied but the functions were all the same. Whether the product was in a clam or a box they all allowed you to see the product and they incorporated a flap that when opened, showed more information regarding rates and pricing. I can understand that consumers want to get as much information about these products before purchasing and the carriers want to gain an ever increasing market share to lead the pack. I did feel a bit of disappointment since the packaging was all so similar. The other constant I found was that the "flaps of information" had a tendency to bend and tear after consumers opened and closed them a few times. This defeats sales as consumers don't buy the damaged looking package (even though the product is fine). The packaging also is designed to work harder at preventing theft and most of these phone packages are now locked on the rack making the experience less joyful. I have a hard time wanting to buy a product when the packaging looks so similar to all the competitors package. It gives me the impression that the product is no different than the next one. Most likely this is the case and price is what makes the difference. So what was a valued shopping experience a few years ago has now turned into just another task and another commodity we buy as needed. Seems a shame but that's progress.

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