Frustration Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

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When my boss came into work this morning he was carrying a bag that contained the product in the adjacent photo. A little while later I went into his office to watch him wrestle the package and toss out a few choice words as he struggled to open it. I asked him why he was so upset as we have seen packages like this many times. He just looked at me and stated that he shouldn't have to use a pair of scissors to open a package containing scissors! I tried to ask him what he thought would be a better design which prompted him to hand me the package with instructions to write about it on our blog with some sort of intelligent conclusion coming from it. Now I could spend time describing the package and materials used in the construction and the manufacturing process along with a few points about the value to retailers in regards to tamper-proof packaging and on and on but why? The message here is how do we deal with the frustration level with packaging like this? This package (as well as the product) is made in China and done at a very low price point. The product cost about $5.00. It is a Multi-Purpose Utility Scissors. And for only $5.00? When I went to grab a pair of scissors to open the package I noticed a pair of expensive ones in my boss's office and wondered if they came in the same style of packaging. I know the price point was much higher and I am sure the packaging was superior in design and construction. Well thought out packaging reflects on the product's brand as well as everyone involved in the process to get the item to market. Consumers can tell when they are getting a good or great deal of value for the products they buy. How many times have you realized that you get what you pay for? Even when you thought you were going to get something great for a really, really low, rock bottom price only to realize that you bought an inferior product? The packaging should provide you with enough clues to the quality and value of the product. Think about it the next time you shop. Notice the packaging and then the price of the products and you should be able to choose what to buy. Packaging is like movie trailers. You can watch 5 minutes of a preview and determine the quality of the film being shown and decide if you want to spend money viewing it. So if you want to lower the frustration level when it comes to opening packages, get the good ones as you'll be purchasing the better product and experience. Unless you enjoy throwing the package on the floor, cursing like a sailor and basically making a fool of yourself. Oh, and by the way, I did notice on the back of the package a warning stated that one should cut carefully around the edge of the blister and that the user and bystander should wear safety goggles when opening the package. For more information regarding our packaging capabilities, go to:

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