Even If…

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I was reading about new package design today and came across this one in the wine pouch arena. With all the new innovations in the marketplace for wine packaging (non-cork bottle plugs, screw tops, and box wines) I found this one to be an eye catcher. I was attracted by the elegant wine bottle with the gloss and matte finishes and the flat, rectangular shape surrounding it. As the package is gripped, one sees the illusion of the rigid looking bottle deflates while it becomes flexible to the touch. Although the package drew my attention, I wondered if this would actually replace the actual glass bottle we have been accustomed to for so many years. I began to wonder if I would ever buy wine in such a package on a regular basis or only once as a lark? Does this take up considerably more shelf shape and therefore become rejected by the retailers? What happens if I drop it? Will it taste as good as wine in a glass bottle? And finally, how goofy will it look next to others I may display at home? With all that said, I began to wonder even more and thought, "even if I bought this, would I serve it?" Would you? CTI is a full service packaging firm and to learn more about us, check us out at http://www.ctipack.com

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