A Cultural Shift in Packaging

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  When we think of packaging and making it more sustainable or more friendly to the environment, we think in small circles of comfort. So often we never look past the obvious to realize the many possibilities for successful solutions. The picture I have posted of an energy efficient bulb is housed in a corrugated wrap that serves as an equally efficient package. This package was designed by a student at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada. It was done to show an alternative to present day common carton or blister packaging. A nice, simple and efficient solution to say the least. Next is an example of a carrying case for coffee you might purchase for yourself and others on the go. It looks quite different from what we normally see - the pulp tray version of balancing the cups while navigating to a safe haven to distribute the bounty. This carrier you see is used in Germany and makes a social statement by allowing the device to not only carry the beverage in a safe manner, but to also allow graphics to come into play. Fun stuff when you think about it. Finally, how do you like your beer? Or better yet, how many beers would you like? This design comes from Russia where a pub that manufactures its own brew came up with a simple way to transport the pints in a safe and sustainable way. My point here with all this is how we can come up with simple and really pleasing and sustainable solutions to package products when we look outside our comfort zone. This will take some doing in part with our partners - the product manufacturers but it is our role to help educate them in what can be somewhat unique and viable solutions that promote their products and brand messages. At Combined Technologies, we look at solving packaging challenges for our clients every day with the intent of giving them successful solutions in a sustainable way.

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