Contract Packaging Process

Why You Need a Contract Company

Selling a food-based product comes with a laundry list of regulations, and aside from keeping your product safe during shipping and as it is displayed on retail shelves, you’ll also need to make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing. After all, if your product doesn’t catch the shopper’s eye, it won’t sell. That’s where CTI comes into play. Our contract packaging process helps you create the best possible product containers that attract buyers and then deliver on fresh, high-quality products.

The 3 Phases of the CTI Contract Packaging Process

Here at CTI, we break our contract packaging design and development process down into three unique and important phases. This allows us to deliver the best possible service to your company, and ultimately, it allows us to help you deliver the best product to the public.

Phase 1 – Research & Analysis

During the research and analysis phase, our contract packaging process begins by carefully studying your packaging alongside the packaging used by your competitors. This allows us to understand how the look, feel, and functionality compares. Not only can we improve your product’s packaging at the aesthetic level, but we also work to help improve its ability to keep your product fresh. This research allows us to design the rest of the process accordingly.

Phase 2 – Strategy

During phase two of the contract packaging process, we determine the areas that are most concerning about your current product packaging design. We will discuss these with you and use them as a guide to help us navigate the rest of the process. With your help and input, we will determine the benefits of your current packaging, and we will work to improve them.

Phase 3 – Design & Implement

Finally, the last phase of the contract packaging process involves creating the initial concepts that surround your new packaging. We do this with the information gathered during the first two phases of our process. We’ll help you create a concept after you’ve approved the design, and then we’ll help you prototype and manufacture the new product concept at our facility located in Chicago.

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