There is Value in seeing the product- 

Custom Thermoforming offers some of the best protection while also showcasing your product. Retailers and Consumers like being able to see the physical product through the packaging design. Thermoform packaging comes in the form of clamshells, trays, and plastic inserts. Clamshells are a common form of retail packaging and when accompanied by insert cards, create an excellent display for the customer of not only the product but also the information about the product. Many of these clamshells are heat sealed along the edges of the package to counteract pilferage but, some are simply a snap seal, that allows the customer to open the clamshell to touch the product to ensure it seems like a proper choice for purchase.

Both companies and consumers are growing increasingly concerned with how sustainable they are and how they can improve upon this and do their part to take care of the environment. At CTI we work with the best thermoform manufacturers to bring you not only quality solutions but environmental solutions that can meet sustainability needs. We can ensure the types of plastics being used for your products meet recyclable standards and utilize the least amount of materials without sacrificing quality.




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